Monday, July 11, 2016

What's Going On In The Australian Biscuit Market? Part Three: Who's Eating All Of The Savoury Biscuits?

What's Going On In The Australian Biscuit Market? Part Three: Who's Eating All Of The Savoury Biscuits? biscuits, Australia, Arnotts, demographics, market segmentation
In Battle Of The Brands Australia’s last post we looked at the sweet biscuit consumer; which demographics enjoy chomping on a sweet biscuit.  Which it turns out is children and the elderly, but not so much those of us in between those two extremes.

In this post, we will do the same for “savoury biscuits”, a wide reaching category which covers everything from Arnott’s Shapes to water crackers to rice crackers and rice cakes.

Our first savoury biscuit consumption graph – on what proportion of each age group eats a savoury biscuit on any average day, and based on the ABS Australian Health Survey - throws up a few interesting factoids. 

Savoury biscuits, like sweet biscuits, are particularly favoured by the young and the old, with those in the middle not particularly fussed about them.

Quite which savoury biscuits each age group consumer probably differs wildly… not wanting to get too stereotypical here, but one can assume that the 2-3 year olds are nibbling on a rice cracker, the elderly a Jatz with a slice of cheese on top, which the teenagers stuff their faces with Arnott’s Shapes. 

And when I say “stuff their faces”, I mean it; look at that graph! 

Whilst the average savoury biscuit consuming Australian eats just less than 20g of savoury biscuits each day (or about nine Arnott’s Shapes), the average Australian teenager consumes about 42g!  Or about 18 Arnott’s Shapes!

For teenage males the figure is even higher: the average savoury biscuit consuming teenage Australian male consumes 56g of savoury biscuits (most of which are probably Arnott’s Shapes) a day!

That’s 24 Arnott’s Shapes!

This of course may have changed given the recent hoo-ha about the "new and improved" (ie "made worse") Arnott's Shapes recipe, but it's too early to say.

Now let’s have a look at the male/female split. 

Regardless of the teenage male obsession with Arnott’s Shapes, the savoury biscuit market is primarily a woman’s world, with the ABS Australian Health Survey telling us that the number of female savoury biscuit consumers significantly outnumber their male counterparts.

This is particularly the case for rice crackers and rice cakes, and anything promoted as being low in calories.

When looking at the volume of savoury biscuits being consumed, the Arnott’s Shapes guzzling male teenage demographic swings that proportion to… exactly 50/50!

Now if we put both the age group and the gender split together we can see again the extent to which the savoury biscuit market is dominated by the female demographic, particularly amongst the older age groups.

The world of savoury biscuits (and sweet biscuits for that matter) is a diverse one.  A broad church. To figure out which brands are winning the Battle Of The Biscuit, we are going to have to look a little closer at all the different sub-categories.  Chocolate biscuits, “flavoured snacks”, rice crackers, crackers & crispbreads… and that is what we are going to look at next.